Did you know that it’s easy to tilt a growing plant in the way you want it to grow than an Iroko...

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Did you know that it’s easy to tilt a growing plant in the way you want it to grow than an Iroko tree?
It is easy to go mold your child’s character than your teenager’s, but mind you, this is not an article that compares a kid to a teenager. This is an article between you and your kid, so stay with me.

You need to know that a child is a very curious being because, for them, they want to know it all, the reason for their unending interrogation.
Though their curiosity can come off as a form of disturbance, it’s necessary for you that this is a window opening that can lead you to many doors in their life.

What do I mean?
Your child’s curiosity isn’t really a terrible thing or feeling but when ignored by you, the parent, you’ll leave room for other influences and the wrong people to take advantage of it, thats scary right?

How do you get a handle on your child’s Curiosity?
• First, you want to recognize that every curious moment is a teachable moment. It’s a teachable and learning opportunity that naturally fell on your laps.
Haven’t you ever wanted your child to instigate a conversation without you initiating one? Look back and think, did you milk every curious moment that presented itself?

• If a window is opened to you today, best believe that sooner than later, you will be given the keys to the door.
What do I mean?
Milking your child’s curious moment is one thing but milking it well should be the goal.
Do you answer your child just to satisfy his or her curiosity or do you answer and give them room to air their minds as well?
Listen, a child watches gestures and takes note of everything. Your reception and attitude towards their inquisitive moment determine if they will come again or let you in into their lives.

• Don’t dismiss or sugar-coat the answers to their questions. (I feel like I should put this in caps for you😂).
If your child is curious about something then that means he or she has heard it somewhere or someone has said something to them about it. So you either want to explain to them that it’s an adult conversation or let the world do it in the strongest way possible.

• There is more but nothing tops this last point. KNOW YOUR KID. Just like your friends are still discovering you, realize that you also need to discover your child. You do not automatically know them because you are their parents, it’s a journey.


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