Isioma learns to put in extra efforts.

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Isioma was afraid for her daddy to open the result for her examination, she felt pain in her tummy as if there were a million tiny butterflies biting away at her tummy, her hands also were sweaty because she kept clenching and unclenching them, she was truly nervous.
But she wasnt just nervous because she had written an examination, she was scared she’d fail this exam again, just as she had failed three others before it.
Isioma was ten years old and was ready to go move from primary school to secondary school; like every other child in her class her parents obtained forms for a number of secondary schools in the City they lived, she had studied hard and attended special lessons. All her teachers were sure she would do excellently well in her exams and her parents were just as confident.
However two weeks ago they recieved the response email from the three schools she had  applied and to the dismay of everyone she failed all three examinations. Isioma was hurt because she knew how much work she had put into preparing for the exams. Her parents obtained a new form for another school and encouraged her to try again. In her fathers words “You only fail when you give up”, she took her fathers advice and tried again, now the email response from the school had arrived, her father sat by the table with his laptop while her mom held her hand and urged her to stay calm.
“Wow” her father exclaimed
“What is happening honey?” Her mother asked
“Isioma passed her exam” he announced to them and immediately Isioma’s mom hugged her and began dancing and singing
“Wait that is not all” he announced and tried to quieten down his excited wife and child, “She also got a scholarship from the school for her exceptional performance in the examination”
Tears of Joy filled Isioma’s eye at the news, her father was right afterall; it was good to try again after every failure.


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