“Gentle”“Be careful”“Be kind”I am sure you have had your mummy, daddy or another adult say one of these words to you?What does...

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“Be careful”
“Be kind”
I am sure you have had your mummy, daddy or another adult say one of these words to you?
What does it mean to be Gentle and why is it important that we are gentle children.
To be a gentle kid simply means to be calm, and not do things carelessly or without kindness.
It is important to be gentle for a lot of reasons.
There are many important areas a SUPER kid is expected to be gentle; some of these areas are, gentleness in how we behave, gentleness in what we say and how we treat others.

First, many times when we are not careful with how we behave, we can harm ourselves. For instance if you are carrying a cup of water carelessly it can spill onto the floor, and the water on the floor can make you fall and get yourself injured. But if you are careful and gentle with your movements the water would most likely not pour, and if it does poor because you’re gentle you would see where it has poured and avoid it.
Also, when we are not gentle with our things we can destroy them, sometime we play with our toys so carelessly and destroy them in the process and when they are destroyed we are sad, other times we are careless with things that arent even toys and in the process we destroy them and get into trouble.

Finally, when we are not gentle with our words we can say very mean and unpleasant things that hurt people we love, we can call them name that are unkind and names that make them very hurt. And as super kids we are not expected to hurt others, we are supposed to only say things that uplift our friends and loved ones.

This month try and practice gentleness in these two ways.
First, when you’re given and task do it as calmly as possible, dont rush or run be gentle and do it properly.
Secondly, try to say only kind things to everyone even when they do things you do not like.


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