Anne acts in jealousy and gets into trouble.

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Anne was a very beautiful and bright pupil at Merida Academy, she had a kind smile and was loved by her teachers for her brilliance, and was loved by other pupils for her kindness and her willingness to help others who didnt know as much as she did. She was a very popular girl in her school and she enjoyed her fame.
This continued until the start of a need school term, when Patience another beautiful girl joined her school. On her first day at school Patience was scared and cried because she didnt have any friends, Mrs Davies their class teacher had encouraged the other pupils in the class to please be kind to Patience and help her settle in.
This was the begining of Jealousy for Anne; many of their classmates spent their break time helping the new girl, Anne didnt like it, before the new girl came she could send her class mates to buy snacks for her during break, but now the were so occupied with Patience the new girl.
As the feeling of Jealousy grew Anne decided she had to do something to get all her friends back to herself. So she went to the school shop and stole the huge sum of ten thousand Naira and put it in Patience’s school bag.
When the woman at the shop discovered that her money was missing she raised an alarm, After being informed about the situation the head of school decided that a search be carried out on all the pupils. The money was found in Patiences’ bag and she was punished terribly even though she kept insisting that she wasnt the one who took the money.
A few days later someone who had seen Anne put the money in Patience bag started to feel guilty and reported her to the teacher.
Everyone, including the head of school was disappointed in Anne for being so mean, she was removed from her position as the head girl of the school and was suspended for a week.
As super kids it is not unexpected to feel envy when others are getting what we would like to get. But we must be careful not to act mean to others because we are Jealous. If you have feelings of Jealousy, dont be quiet, tell an adult or a trusted teacher so they help you feel better.


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