Tolu learns a lesson in contentment.

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Tolu was the only child of her very wealthy parents, they bought everything Tolu wanted for her, there was nothing too big for them to buy for her, but Tolu was a very discontented girl, so everytime she went to school she would come home crying, asking her parents to buy something she had seen with another child in her class and her parents would do just that, some days it was toys, or maybe even a dress some one wore for class party or even a snack, people even hid their things from her because of this attitude.
One day Deborah a girl in her class brought a chocolate snack that smelled very nice with her lunch and Tolu wanted it, but she didnt know what the snack was called, so everyday she’ll cry and try to describe the meal to Aunty Emem their cook, but there was no way to get it; the snack looked like a brownie but smelled differently.
One day at school Deborah and other children left the class to play, but Tolu stayed back. She checked very well to ensure no one was seeing her then she went over to Deborahs lunch box and took some of this nice smelling snack.
A few hours later Tolus face began to itch and swell up, and her throat started to feel itchy too, she ran to her teacher who rushed her to the school nurse.
“This is an allergic reaction” the nurse explained, her voice was filled with alarm “What did she eat?”
“Tolu, what did you eat today” Her teacher Mrs Esther asked
“Just rice” she lied as she struggled to breathe
“This is not a rice allergy, she eats rice most days and this has never happened” Her teacher told the nurse
“Tolu i need you to remember what else you ate, so i can help you feel better”
Ashamed of herself she confessed that she had stolen some of her classmate’s snack, her teacher got to find out that the snack contained some nuts and dried fruit that Tolu was allergic to.
The nurse treated the allergy. Tolu’s parents were invited to the school, and she was suspended from school for two days for stealing.
Tolu learnt in the hard way to be contented with what her parents give her and to stop trying to have other peoples things.


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