Aunty Shade tells one last story to Wemimo.

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It was the night before her aunty was due to leave and Wemimo asked for one last story. After packing her suitcase for her return journey tomorrow Aunt Shade went to Wemimo’s room for one last storytime.
“Shanice and Andrea were both pupils at Loveday montessori school. Shanice was a popular well known athlete at the school she always aced her races and played basket ball. Andrea on the other hand wasnt popular, she didnt do well in most extra curricular activities besides running and even with the running she was merely an average runner.
During sport time one friday the sport master announced that there was an opportunity for one student to represent the school in a national sport competition, after a vigorous screening exercise he decided that the final battle would he between Shanice and Andrea.
Andrea knowing how very good Shanice was began to rehase daily, she tried to eat only things that would not leave her feeling to heavy to run, she exercised daily for the one week they had to prepare.
Shanice on the other hand spent her time having fun and telling everyone who tried to encourage her to practice that Andrea wasnt much of a competition. She ate how she liked very confident that she would win. Her parents encouraged her to practice but she was so full of pride she didnt listen to anyone.
The day of the race came and everyone gathered around the school field ready to see who would win the race, Andrea was on the field but Shanice was no where to be found, after everyone had waited for about ten minutes she showed up clutching her belly.
She explained that she had been in the bathroom because of a belly ache.
“What did you eat” the sportmaster asked
“I ate only one small pizza” she replied
“A pizza? Shanice you know you’re not supposed to do that while preparing for a competition”
“I’m sorry sir” she replied
“Shanice for your lack of preparation you cannot run today. Which automatically means Andrea would be representing the school in the nationwide competition” the sport master announced and Shanice began crying.”
“Poor Shanice” Wemimo said as her aunty finished the story
“You know the moral of this story?” Aunt Shade asked Wemimo
“Yes that we should not eat pizza before sport time?”
“No baby. The story teaches us not to be too confident or prideful in our abilities, and to always prepare for any task even if it is a task we have done over and over again. If shanice had prepared herself by eating right she would have stood the chance to represent her school”
“So Wemimo you must always prepare yourself, okay?”
“Yes aunty” she smiled “I’ll miss you when you go tomorrow”
“I’ll miss you too. But i’ll visit again.”


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