Wemimo's Aunt Shade visits and tells her a story before bedtime.

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“Aunty Shade please tell me another story”
Eight year old Wemimo asked her mothers younger sister who was spending the week with her because her mommy had travelled on a business trip. She missed her mommy but was thrilled to be in the care of her darling Aunt who told the best stories everytime she visited.
“Okay baby, but after this story you must sleep. It is already 9pm and you have school tomorrow” Aunty Shade spoke calmly to her.
“Okay ma. I will. I promise”
“Good girl”
“Tolani was a ten year old boy who attended George Academy. But was known widely around his school for mischievious behaviour.
He was mean to other people and bullied his class mates, but most of all he was known to be dishonest. One time he came to school late and lied that his sister had fallen down and broken her leg that morning and had to be rushed to the hospital, only for his sister to come to his class with no Injury, when she was asked she told them they had both come late because Tolani forgot his school bag at home”
“Wow, he lied?” Wemimo asked with wide eyes
“Yes he lied. And he continued to tell lies all the time. One day someone in his class announced that his snacks had been stolen from his lunch box and immediately all eyes fell on Tolani, because of his known history with mischief”
“History?” Wemimo asked.
“Yes, it simply means because of his past mischievious acts. Well the teacher also assumed it was Tolani who had taken the snacks, he cried and begged telling everyone that he was innocent but no one could believe him because everytime they had believed him in the past it had turned out to be a lie. Tolani was flogged and suspended from school for two days.”
“Yes Wow. Do you know what is interesting?”
“Tolani did not actually steal the snack, but he ended up paying for the thief’s crime simply because he had a bad record. My dear Wemimo we must learn to always do our best to be good people and tell the truth always. Because lying breaks trust, no one can trust a liar even the he is being honest.”
“Wow. Please can we do one more story” Wemimo asked
“You promised you were going to sleep after this one. So we have to end now. I’ll tell you another one tomorrow night”
“Alright, thank you Auntie. I’m happy you’re here with me”
“I’m happy to he here too” her aunty kissed her forehead “Good night baby”
“Good night Aunty”


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