Amanda reaps the reward of kindness

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Amanda Daniels was a very kind and polite tweleve year old girl, she loved everyone and treated everyone kindly, she didnt say mean words to anyone but most of all she was always quick to help anyone around her who needed some form of help, everyone loved being Amanda’s friend especially Amanda’s Grandmom and her friends.
Amanda’s Grandmom Elizabeth who they called Nne lived in their house, occassionally one or more of Nne’s old friends would come visiting, everyone else in the house didnt like the old women and would stay away, not Amanda.
Amanda was always present, she was the one who would open the door for the women, lead them into the living room, get a cup of water and serve whatever snack was available at home to them. When they needed help with anything Amanda was the person they called. All the old women loved her so dearly.
One Tuesday afternoon after school had closed Amanda took a taxi from her school to the junction not far from her house as she usually did, but to her surprise she checked her school bag  and couldnt find her cab fare
“Give me my money” the driver called out and honked his horn at her
“I’m coming sir, i cant find my money” she tried to explain
Angrily the driver came out of the car and grabbed her by the arm “Thief you want to escape” he yelled at her
Amanda started crying and trying to explain to him that her house wasnt far away and he could go home with her to her the money, but he would not listen, he kept screaming gathering the attention of passer bys, much to Amanda’s dismay.
Just then Nne Ije, one of her grandma’s friend who she was usually kind to passed by and saw Amanda crying and the man holding her, she stopped by and asked what was going on, Amanda explained the situation to her and Nne Ije paid the angry driver
“Thank you for saving me Nne Ije” Amanda knelt down
“You’re always so kind and thoughtful to me when i come to your house, one good turn deserves another my darling” Nne Ije replied patting her back.


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