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Every Child should be a Volunteer

I know what you are thinking; How is that possible? What does a child have to volunteer? Why should a child be...

Written by Chinwe Nwagu · 1 min read >

I know what you are thinking;

How is that possible? What does a child have to volunteer? Why should a child be put on the front line like that? So even a six-month-old baby should volunteer?

I get it and I understand your worry but before you bash me with your questions and all, maybe we should reframe the topic.

“Every child should be taught to volunteer”

Does that sit well now?

Or do we just agree to disagree?

Listen, you’ve seen, better still, you can see the real world. Covering and shielding a child to think that the world is all black and white can end up doing more harm than good.

In your head, I know the thoughts are, “what is she even saying?”

But follow me, please.

A child wakes up in the morning, partakes in family devotion, has breakfast, goes to school, picks him or her from school, feeds him lunch and watches cartoons, plays games still dinner is ready. After dinner, he goes to bed, that’s after night devotion and then the next morning, he repeats the cycle.

If it’s a holiday, then there are breakfast, lunch, dinner, and cartoons all day and then siesta if it’s possible.

All is fair and white in this child’s head, and I understand you are trying to shield your child. But on few occasions, can you take your child to see a glimpse of the world. What it looks like for others and how not so fair it is.

One of the best ways to do this is by volunteering. Volunteering has a way of taking you to the place where you recognized how privilege you are and it can do so for your child.

Teach them that it’s okay to give out old toys and clothes rather than throwing them out. The best way to do this is to be a partaker.

You can ask your child to partake in also picking up after events in outreaches and engage them to share the items that need to be shared.

Your child doesn’t have to do much, but the little he or she can do can be a big thing.

Now, we can all concur that indeed “Every kid should be thought to volunteer”

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