Dumebi learns an important lesson on disobedience.

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“You cant tell me what to do” Dumebi yelled at Aunty Grace the maid in his parents house for telling him not to enter the bathroom upstairs.
“Listen Dumebi i am only trying to keep you safe” Aunty Grace tried to explain to him calmly.
The bathroom tap in his bedroom had developed a fault a few days ago and was now leaking, the water left the floor slippery and anyone who went in there was likely to slip and fall.
Dumebi however was a naughty boy who didnt like to Listen to anyone, not even people older than he was, worse still his parents didnt allow anyone flog or punish him. Hence there wasnt much Aunty Grace the nanny could do.
“You cannot tell me what to do, you’re only a nanny, this is my fathers house” he replied rudely
“Dumebi i am not telling you what to do, but the bathroom floor is wet and you could get injured if you go inside”
Dumebi rolled his eyes at her and then went out of the room.

Later that day while Aunty Grace was in the kitchen preparing noodles for Dumebi, he snuck up the stairs and into the bathroom she had warned him to avoid, as he walked in the wet tile caused him to slip, as he tried to prevent himself from falling his hand hit the big mirror and in turn the mirror fell on him and broke, injuring him in the process.
“Help me” He screamed in pain
Aunty Grace who had heard the sound of the mirror crashing ran up stairs only to meet Dumebi bleeding from his forehead and thigh.
“Dumebi why did you disobey me? Why didnt you listen when i told you not to come here?” She asked as she tried to help him stand so he would go to the hospital.
Dumebi’s 8th birthday was a week after the accident but he didnt have a party because he was still in the hospital recovering from his wounds.
Dumebi learnt the hard way not to be a disobedient child.


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