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You probably have heard a couple of kids talk with boldness, attaching the right proportion of confidence to taste. They seem to be the most homely, lovable, and respectful kids you’ve come across. You’d see that those kids are not just loved by people but are respected by them. Confidence is an essential part of influence, even as a youngster. You want to influence people and do great things, and you’ve got to build confidence. It can handle whatever situation with a great deal of certainty and excellence.

Do you want to exude excellence through confidence? I’ve got the how!!!

  1. Understand Confidence and think confidence

You must understand what it takes to be a kind of person and then intentionally set your thoughts in that direction. Super kids are confident, purposeful, and excellent. So as one, ponder on confidence; ponder on excellence. With time, you’d see yourself unconsciously align to those thoughts. Remember, to be able to radiate confidence, and you must first think like someone confident. Begin with thinking like ROYALTY!

  1. Dress up like the king or queen you are!

I legit feel like jumping up on this!!! Don’t even doubt that you are royalty merely because you have no crown. So that you know, not all royals own crowns. Yeah….

I am certain you have never seen a king clothe himself with anything he sees. He decorates himself with beautiful ornaments. And you see his queen, and she is nothing short of beauty, bravery, elegance, and all the other description in your head! That’s how you know who they are!

You tell people a little about who you are by the way you dress. So dress sweet. Also, don’t forget to put that smile on! Your look is half-finished without one.

  1. Walk smart!

You see, excellence is displayed even by how you walk. Walking past anyone with your heads bowed, your back bent, your feet moving so distorted as you reluctantly make them move. That depicts timidity and lack of confidence. It is very unpleasant to see.

Walk straight, with your heads high and smart!

When you walk into a room, come in with a big smile, look in the eyes of everyone and give them a loving smile while you say hi. Heehehehe, let me tell you what you just did, honey, YOU JUST STOLE THE SHOW! And that’s exactly how we roll!

  1. Eat elegantly

Never forget you are royalty! Eat like one! Don’t make disturbing noise with your plate and cutleries. They aren’t your teeth; let your teeth do the grinding. Eat silently and with your mouth closed. It isn’t excellent to eat carelessly. Do not talk while you still have food in your mouth. As much as it is not excellence, it is also disgusting.

Don’t be messy while you eat. Do well to put into use those cutleries in mom’s kitchen. Learn to make use of your forks and knives. They don’t bite. Get comfortable using them. Begin with meals served at home, and with time, you get perfect at it.

  1. Talk boldly!

Talk like you’ve got the floor because you actually have! Confident people don’t go about talking rudely and insensitively to people. They speak with excellence and grace.

Talk in such a way that people would love to hear you talk again. And let me tell you how!!! SPEAK VALUE! If you boldly speak nonsense, you would only get your hearers irritated. That definitely doesn’t sound good. Do your research, and speak facts. Speak value! People would take long to hear you! You are more confident if you know what to say than when you don’t.

In conclusion,

Your overall demeanor has a lot to say about who you are. If you are not as confident, begin to mull over CONFIDENCE, envision it!!! Determine to do things like a confident person would. And honey, look at yourself in the mirror every morning and say this out loud: “I AM ROYALTY! I THINK DRESS, WALK, TALK, AND DO EVERYTHING I FIND TO DO LIKE ONE!!!


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