There was a by called Collins, he was a very nice and kind person. He was always wiling to help others, he...

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There was a by called Collins, he was a very nice and kind person. He was always wiling to help others, he hated to see another pupil in his class sad, he alwas did his best to make those around him smile, he was very observant and noticed when anyone in the class was not okay and he would go to the person to make the okay. He was willing to share his snack with anyone who was hungry diring recess and he made the class lively by making up fun games during recess.

Ons day Collons started feeling ill in school and threw up in class, Tomi a girl in his class who he had given a pencil to one time immediately noticed and called the teacher, Tomi and Ayo to boys who he had helped at different times held him and helped him walk to the sick bay, Aramide a girl who he usually helped bring her lunch box from the pigeon hole on days she was ill, took his lunch box to the sickbay so he could eat before taking his medication.
By the end of school when his mommy came to pick him from the sick bay she met several pupils there, all there to look after Collins
“Hey mommy” He smiled on seeing his mom
“Hi baby” his mom smiled and kissed his forehead “Let me see the nurse so you can be discharged” she informed him.
“Okay mommy”

The nurse informed his mom that Collins simply had a case of indigestion and was okay after vomitting. When she asked about the large number of students with collons, his teacher explained that if any student in her class was ill and needed to be in the clinic, Collins was sure to help such a student, hence in his time of need everyone he had helped had rallied together to help in whatever way they could.
As Collins and his mom walkes to the car surrounded by his classmates, his mom thought hard of the saying “As you sow, so shall you reap” Her son was indeed reaping the fruit of his kindness.


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