Uju hurts herself in anger.

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Ujunwa Nwokeke was an eight year old girl, she was beautiful and very talented, but unfortunately she had a very bad temper, and would fight or even injure any one who for anything she didnt like.
Her mother would always say “Uju, you can harm yourself with this your temper” but she would ignore her warning,
Her father would advise and even punish her for loosing her temper and reacting badly.
But Uju just refused to listen, in fact she liked the way people feared her and tried not to offend her because they were afraid of her reaction, she felt so powerful.
One morning Uju’s mom was making their breakfast of tea and bread when the cover of the flask containing hot water fell to the ground, her mom hurried to the kitchen to rinse it. Uju’s little sister Ugochi made a face that annoyed Uju, and Uju tried to run over to where Ugochi was to hit her. Forgetting that the flask was open she hit it as she tried to get up, the water spilled.
“Mommy” Uju screamed as she felt the first sting of the water in her feet “my leg”
Her mommy hurried out and noticed the flask lying on the table “Jesus! What happened she exclaimed. I told you not to touch it” she yelled at Uju
“No mommy i didnt touch it” Uju explained with tears “Ugochi was annoying me so i wanted to stand up”
“Stand up and do what? Fight your sister? Now see what you have done” her mother bent to examine the extent of damage the water had caused.
Uju was taken to the hospital and her burns were treated, for two weeks she couldnt wear any shoes and even after the wounds healed she had a permanent dark patch where the burn had happened.
Now whenever someone does anything to her, she looks at the scar and remembers het reward for fighting, and instead of fighting she reports the person to her teacher or anyother adult around.


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