Once upon a time, there was a girl named Oluchi. One day while going to the market her mom left strict instructions...

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Once upon a time, there was a girl named Oluchi. One day while going to the market her mom left strict instructions that Oluchi stayed inside the house and that she wasnt to be found playing with the boys in the compound they lived, her reason was that the boys played rough and she didnt want Oluchi to get injured. 

When her mom left the compound Oluchi waited for only five minutes before running out to Join the boys in playing. And unfortunately in the process of playing the boys fell her and she hit her ankle.
She retured to the house in pain to wait for her mom to return, but did not tell her mother about the pain or fall, for the first two days the pain was bearable, she could manage to walk normally, by the third day the pain seemed to be a little less bearable but she tolerated it.
However on the fourth day, when she woke up she discovered the leg felt so heavy, the pain was so intense and the moment she tried to set the leg on the floor she yelled.
Her mom ran into the room to know why she yelled
“Oluchi why did you scream?”
“Mummy my leg, i cant move it”
“How, what happened?”
“Mummy i fell when you said i should not go out on saturday”
“Since saturday?” Her mom replied before gently carrying her off the bed and into the car to take her to the hospital.
At the hospital, the doctor told her mom that she should have brought Oluchi earlier and that the treatment would have been easier, but unfortulately by delaying treatment for for days Oluchi’s injury had gotten worse and her bone had dislocated.
Oluchi cried in pain a the doctors tried to bandage her leg with a cast. When the doctor left her mother turned to her and said “Oluchi, you should have told me earlier so i would have brought you here, Now you have to wear bandage for a month, which would not have happened if i brought you earlier. I hope this teaches you that a stitch in time saves nine.


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